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I make my own path...
And I love it that way.
this is eerily spot on... 
15th-Jul-2008 02:26 am
Pisces Rising
You experience your body as one big feeler or antenna, so you are very open to pleasure and
pain, and therefore you identify with whatever stimulus seems the most appropriate to your ever-
shifting outlook. If you feel like languishing ecstatically, then you become an exotic hedonist; if
guilt prevails, then you are drawn to pain and punishment, or purity and asceticism. When feeling
positive and noble, the artist or the healer appears as your persona. The list is endless - and
likewise, you can appear to be many things to others.
Sooner or later your life has to be organized in a fashion that stops your various identities
constantly changing into one another, for this breeds some confusion in others, and oceans of it
in yourself. In order to acquire this integrated identity, you should embark upon a definite task or
service in order that your super-sensitivity can be positively employed, otherwise you are in
danger of dissolving into the boundless.
Such sensitivity could be divided into three types: Intuitive-Healing; Imaginative-Inspiring:
Mystical-Enlightening. In the first case, it is your soft and soothing presence, which is also deep
and powerful, like the sea that can give rise to a healing ability. In the second, the myriad
impressions you receive from your inner and outer environments can be translated into sound or
vision or words. In the third case, your psychic awareness allows you to tune into presences,
atmospheres and ethereal realms in such a way as to broaden and enrich your own and others'
senses of what constitutes reality.
In order to balance out and focus these subtleties, you tend to attract partners who are helpful
and discriminating, and point out the precise and practical details of life.

Neptune is your Ruling Planet, which governs the link between your exterior being and your
interior being. So study Chapter Eleven - Your Neptune Profile, with this in mind.
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Sun in Aries
Your essential purpose in life is simply to do something that makes you feel an independent and
effective individual. You could be doing this in some form of leadership or selling, or by forcing
others to look at themselves in a new way. You could accomplish this either consciously, by
carrying out a deliberate act in the name of some cause, or unconsciously, by making it hard for
others to relate to you as you are.
You should be consciously aware of your pioneering streak, for in this way not only do you enjoy
life more, but you avoid feeling pushed around by others - and with you it's more or less a case
of push or be pushed.
This can be objectionable at times - and indeed your childlike impetuosity can repel others' co-
operation - but you must have the freedom to act. Don't just think about it and get pent-up in
the process. At all costs you need to avoid negative emotions like resentment, regret or self-pity,
for they would deny you what is essential to your Arian nature - straightforwardness in
responding to a challenge with action.
You should not be afraid to be forceful in this. If you are afraid, then look for negative examples
of force in your personal history, what initially compromised your right to assert yourself. This
right is like the outpouring of life itself and nothing should be allowed to get in the way of its
innocence and freshness for this is what enables your Sign, like no other, to set the ball rolling.
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Moon in Scorpio
Your reigning need is to feel close to someone or something. In order to satisfy this need, you
have a profoundly intuitive sense of the emotional nature of people and situations. The trouble
for you is that your need for closeness is compulsive and so you can feel lonely or abandoned all
too easily and then your intuitive sense becomes a radar that picks up anything which bears the
slightest suggestion of abandonment or threat towards your vulnerable emotions.

The mistake you're making is that you are interpreting others' negative emotional states as being
aimed specifically at you. It is then only a matter of time before such paranoid conduct does
actually attract a negative attitude or act towards you. So you need to identify how and where in
your past you initially felt betrayed or abandoned, and exorcise that demon. Until then you will
either be haunted by a fear of being alone, or you will find yourself in solitary confinement.
Having overcome what must be the oldest human fear, that of abandonment - or at least, when
you're not feeling threatened by it - you have an emotional perception of others that is accurate
to the point of being deeply reassuring. At your best, you can make personal sacrifices for the
good of the whole.
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Mercury in Aries
Your mind has to be active - you want thoughts and words to become deeds rather than be left
merely in the realm of ideas so this terrier-like mentality of yours enables you to learn,
communicate or teach quickly and effectively. It also confers a flair for selling and promotion. The
shortcoming of such cerebral impetuosity though is that you can have a one-sided point of view
and a tendency to make decisions before all the facts are considered. You worry at the heels of
anyone you're working with, talking or selling to. It's not surprising then that there's a lack of
follow through on certain projects. Yet all these could be described as occupational hazards of a
mind and tongue that just have to strike while the iron is hot - but a dash of diplomacy would
make for smoother, steadier progress.
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Venus in Aries
You love as a child loves, seeing human relationships as being natural and uncomplicated - at
least, at first. You are generous, guileless and direct - and expect others to be the same. You're
crestfallen when you find that they're not, but not as a rule heart-broken. You get back up again
as quickly as you fell in love in the first place. This impetuosity of yours certainly possesses a
quality that is immediately attractive to others.
It also makes you very impatient to give, gain or receive love. So much so that you are inclined
to mistake lust for love and it takes a while before you're able to spot the difference. There is
something impish and naughty about you that can cause others to do childlike things they
wouldn't do normally. This has its good and bad sides in that you are able to introduce a
refreshingly primitive glee into your social or romantic spheres, but you can lead others on and
then be gone. Such a 'love them and leave them' style can cut both ways you will find.
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Mars in Taurus
You assert yourself best in a physical or material way. This means that you are happy pursuing or
involving yourself with something that is tangible and not just a concept. Your 'desire nature'
therefore very much relates to physical contact and reactions. Indeed, as if to prove the point,
you have a definite feel and touch sensuously speaking.
This could find expression in work like massage or physiotherapy. Your shortcoming is that you
can undervalue the importance of subtler, more psychological aspects of being and relating. You
can also be inordinately preoccupied with acquiring money and property, with the result that you
become a slave to assessing worth solely in material terms. You are quite passionate sexually,
but it can take a lot to turn you on - or off.
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Jupiter in Aquarius
You find and seek faith in your friendships and any club or movement that you subscribe to. In
your book, faith hinges on the fact that a sharing of ideas and ideals with others leads to mutual
growth and encouragement and upon your belief that it is your social values that are correctly
paving the way ahead.
However, this can lead to your social group being self-righteous which acts to hide your own
doubts. Such 'revolutionary blindness' can then give rise to offhandedness and associations
becoming unreliable. Truly your faith rests upon being able to share with your peers both the
bright and the shady sides of your nature. In this way your basically humanitarian philosophy of
life gains weight and conviction for both yourself and others.
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Saturn in Scorpio
You are learning to effectively handle and express any kind of power, be it sexual, political,
personal, material or whatever. There is an intensity about the way you pursue your aims and
objects of desire and you're hard to stop once you have decided upon a particular course of
Equally, and maybe because of this, you can torment yourself over what course of action to take;
but this is understandable considering the damage that could be wrought if your energies were
misdirected. Negatively, you can display a ruthlessly controlling and scheming nature. You may,
on the other hand, be a victim rather than a perpetrator of such, but it still points to the
necessity of looking at how you are, or are not, expressing your power and desires.
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K in 9
Uranus in Sagittarius
You belong to a generation (born during the first five years of the twentieth century or the early
to late 1980's) whose intention was to reform religious, legal, cultural and educational attitudes.
As an individual you could either be on the receiving end, in that you fall foul of and rebel against
these aspects of life as you encounter them, or (and possibly as a consequence of this) you seek
to force changes in one or more of these areas. Whether you are conscious of it or not, a
recognition of universal laws and the freedom to believe in what you wish is what fires your own
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Neptune in Capricorn
You belong to the Neptunian generation born between 1984 and 1998. You therefore came into
being during a time when humanity officially began to understand how subtle but very powerful
forces affected our Earthly environment - and how we could all be doomed if we did not begin to
pull together as a species. This time sees the beginning of world government and the ascertaining
of what spirituality and sensitivity mean in the most practical sense.
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Pluto in Scorpio
You are a member of the Plutonian generation (1983 - 1995) that witnesses the inevitable
consequence of mankind's mishandling of power and resources. During this period crises threaten
our very existence and it's only through a true and deep understanding of what power and
transformation actually mean that we avert disaster and deliver ourselves into a new era.
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Sagittarius at the Midheaven
For your professional life to be satisfying and successful it needs to be ever expanding, growing
beyond itself, so this poses some work or subject that is never finished - teaching, religion,
philosophy, archaeology, anthropology, history, law, publishing; anything that is seeking to
include and understand more and more. In a physical sense, this would also include any kind of
sport or occupations involving travel.
You are happiest trying to reach as many people as possible; Sagittarius likes to bring and bind
people together with a sense of enthusiasm. You also like plenty of room to operate so a
restricting sort of work life is very inadvisable. Furthermore, religious influences in your life
greatly affect your choice of profession or the moral way that you conduct it.
24th-Nov-2008 03:51 am (UTC)
Ya know some horoscopes are very scary cause they're dead on. I just wanted to write to let you know that I am weeding people out of my journal but you're safe. I know you haven't been on here in months though cause of your baby and all but just thought I'd let you know so if you saw the post saying people were cut you wouldn't panic. I am not cutting people who haven't been on in months cause I know their situation and all. I hope all is well with you and the baby <3
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IT"S AWESOME!!)) at the last second of this video THERE IS SUCH A FUN)
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