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Lice Knowing You, Inc!! 
31st-Jan-2008 10:12 pm
Lice Knowing You, Inc.'s owner Nancy Gordon came to me armed with a few words. Whimsical, Witty and Character. These are the things she wanted to see in her company, Lice Knowing You, Incorporated's web site. She wanted to grab the attention of visitors, and entice them to learn more about her service. As the only lice removal company in the Seattle area to make house calls, I was easily pulled into her idea of helping out parents and teachers everywhere in getting rid of lice. In her cleverly titled resources section "The Facts of Lice", I learned that drugstore brand removal techniques do not work, and that doctors will do little to nothing about it, outside of handing you a bottle of prescription shampoo.

This is an awesome service, and Nancy's already large client-base can attest to that. Several testimonials have already been written about the company and their expertly trained technicians, and we can certainly expect more to follow.

I had a bit of an agenda of my own with this site. Nancy was looking for a simple way to make updates to the site, and strong accessibility and search engine optimization techniques of development. Already well-versed in accessibility and SEO, I wanted to tackle it even more. Her site is completely accessible (disable the CSS and you will see), and I have implemented sIFR for viewing pleasure, which can be easily removed, and substituted with a web-safe font without the design being compromised.

I am still what I consider new to Ruby on Rails framework, but I have now armed myself with a simple CMS plugin based on divs, haml and AJAX that I can proudly say I designed and built myself. This site was an amazing milestone for me in what I will be able to accomplish in the future, and how quickly and efficiently I can get it done. (I've listed the CMS as a separate portfolio piece).
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